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Samuel BARUDIN​ - Realtor


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Greetings ! My name is Sam and I am proud to be a Vancouver Realtor. I’m a long term resident of Vancouver. After many travels and destinations I’ve always found my way back to this wet, yet wonderful city. I am business minded, hardworking and very interested in helping you achieve all of your goals regarding buying, selling and home ownership.

I also have advertising, gas fitting and moving companies which I will leverage to give my customers extra services and discounts.

Special Offers

Advertising: Gain the advantage of 5,000 flyers that show your home’s open house dates at no charge. Have your home or open house professionally advertised accessing a team of web professionals, designers, low cost printing and GPS tracked flyer delivery. Details at 

Moving: Get up to 50% off your moving costs if we sell your home or purchase a new home with an exclusive agency contract and your move takes place in the Greater Vancouver area. Details at 

Cash Back: If you sign a buyers exclusive agency contract I am happy to give back 25% of the buyers agents commission.

Referrals: If you can refer a buyer or seller who would like to make a purchase thru our service I am happy to pay a 10% referral fee based on what we receive from the sale when the sale has completed .